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Website development

Do you require a personal website that will make you stand out?

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Service 02
PC/Laptop Hardware support

Are you experiencing difficulties in getting your PC to run or start properly?

Don't look any further, contact me and let me assist you!

Service 03
Competitive gaming service

Would you like to have your computer optimized for the best results in competitive gaming?

Begin now by contacting me.

About Deniz Abbeel
Allow me to share a few details about myself!

Hey there! I'm Deniz, a 20-year-old tech enthusiast with a boundless passion for everything hardware-related. From processors to graphics cards, and from software to the latest gadgets, I find myself constantly immersed in the world of technology.
I love exploring how these intricate components come together to create the devices that shape our daily lives.

I have a deep interest in technology that goes beyond simply admiring its products. I am fascinated by understanding the inner workings of technology and the innovative forces driving its development.
I keep up with the latest advancements, experiment with different hardware setups, and explore coding to discover the endless possibilities that technology offers.

Essentially, I am a technologically skilled person who is motivated by a desire for knowledge and a dedication to creating a significant influence in the field of technology.

In addition to my role as a technology troubleshooter, I have a strong interest in gaming and football. Whether I am helping with computer problems, diving into virtual realms, or playing football, I am deeply committed to both my professional and personal endeavors.

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What my Clients Says
Competitive Gamer

The service provided by Deniz was excellent.

I was on the verge of purchasing a new computer, but thanks to Deniz's service, it was unnecessary.

Competitive Gamer

Found this cool website that not only gave me tips to boost my game's FPS but hooked me up with a helpful expert.

Great for gamers looking to up their performance!


I was looking for someone to help me with my app so it would do what I wanted. I found a person named Deniz who offered a service to fix certain things for me. I tried his service and he did exactly what I needed.


Deniz, saved my life. I used to have frame rates dropping to the low 50s, but now I can reach 300fps in a regular Fortnite game. I highly recommend Deniz for any overclocking or performance adjustments.

If you get optimized by Deniz, you will never have to touch your system again!


Found Deniz on a reddit post and decided to message him for help. He was very helpful and was able to assist me with things i would never have even thought of. When helping me he made it easy to understand the entire process was very smooth. 10/10 would go to him anytime for help.

Deniz is a good website creator, although the website lacks some variation in color, the design is still very appealing and impressive.


The service from Deniz was really good, he helped me get a lot out of my PC and gave me much more stable FPS.


Deniz helped me so much. I was thinking about buying a new cpu but because of the help of Deniz I did not need to do that. Because of Deniz I went from having a lot delay to having way less delay. Also when I capped my fps at 240 it was stuttering but because of Deniz it stays stable. If you have troubles Deniz is the way to go.


I asked deniz to help me out with my pc, had a lot of trouble. He helped me right away, fast service. Optimized everything for me and gave me tips. Now my pc doesnt have stutters anymore and my fps is way higher and finally stable. Fast service, very kind, and very helpfull

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